Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Claire's photos!

SUCH a cutie pie! I really enjoyed shooting Claire last week at the studio. She was an absolute doll and we got some great shots!! And of course they brought one of the famous personalized paintings from Kimberly Tate of Small Words (see side bar for a link to these!) which made a great addition to the shoot.

Hope you love them!

P.S. I am a moron, Kim's last name is WHEELER, not Tate. I should know, I was IN their wedding. Duh!!!! Haha :)


Kim said...

THAT baby is too cute for words!!! I love those!!!

Funny, you still refer to me as Tate!! haha - weren't you in my wedding?? Just kidding - had to give you grief - I {as well as Lonnie} still refer to me as "kim tate"!!!

chesley said...

Thanks Krista! Love these, and can't wait to see more!

joanne said...

How precious is she!!!

missy said...

how can you not love the pictures..the baby is absolutely perfect!!!! what a little doll!!!

lyla said...

precious pictures! i love the bench and the painting :) so cute! she is looking more and more like you!