Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kirk's Comp Card (say that 5 times fast... I dare ya...)

I really enjoyed working with Kirk from the Dan Agency last week! He lined up so many cool locations for his shoot... including a friend's airplane at the John C Tune airport, some shots at a local golf course, and he even brought his bike for some extra variety. (Which btw if you are reading this and thinking about booking a shoot with us... lining up some different locations is a GREAT idea to really make your shoot go the extra mile!)

We started here in the studio with some fashion shots on the seamless backgrounds and around the grounds, then moved to the other locations to finish up. I think this may have been one of the most successful comp card shoots in a while, simply because of the variety (and of course Kirk's good looks didn't hurt! Haha)

Enjoy the previews, and to see the rest of his shoot check out our event site at

Have a great night! ~ Krista

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