Monday, June 1, 2009

Hannah's debut on our blog!

I was so excited to meet and work with lovely Ms. Hannah and her mom Becky last week! It was her first time here in our studio and she was so much fun to work with! She was in a good mood and loved playing and taking photos. We did quite a few in the studio, then ventured outside for a few outdoor-sy photos. We didn't realize how much she loved to eat grass though, and we soon had to move the show back inside after she got upset with us (because we wouldn't let her eat all of the grass. Ha!!)

One of my favorites is her having her afternoon bottle while holding onto Elmo... SO cute!

Enjoy the previews, and I am going to post some more of my favorites on the event site. It was great meeting you Becky and Hannah, hope to see you all again soon!!!


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felicia said...

this is my cousin and she is so adorable i love her and your pictures of her are to cute!!