Monday, June 22, 2009

Lone Starlets come to Nashville....

I had SOOO much fun working with the Lone Starlets last week! Megan, Maddie and Mallory were in town from Texas to record with producer Steve Ivey. They managed to fit a photo shoot into their busy schedule while they were here and let me just tell you, they totally ROCKED it! From their amazing wardrobe- to their perfect hair and makeup - and awesome attitude in front of the camera - I mean, this was the perfect photo shoot! Not only are they amazingly beautiful, but they have real talent to boot. Our intern Shelby and I were lucky enough to have them play us a private concert in their RV and they were so talented. Watch for them on the music scene very soon!

Girls, I reallly enjoyed working with you, and thanks to mom and dad for coming along and helping with everything!

Hope you LOVE your previews and I wish you the best of luck with your career!

Hugs, Krista

Oh, and I am uploading the rest of your shots to the event site at check 'em out!

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