Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Constandina's headshots

Some of you may recognize this beautiful gal from the reality show "Rock Of Love"!!! I am so lame, I never watch TV (isn't that pathetic? haha) ... But I hear that she was quite a hit last season on the popular show.... I was so flattered that she chose me to do her updated shots! Constandina is just as sweet as she is beautiful and she was wonderful to work with. Gosh I love my job :) A shout out to our awesome makeup artist Kelly for doing an amazing job as usual!

Update 7/21: Constandina just emailed me this REALLY sweet email:

"I had soooo much fun today!! Thank you so much for making the shoot FUN and interesting and EASY and for going the EXTRA mile!!
You girls are AWESOME
luv, Dina"

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Constandina said...

Krista you *ROCK* xoxoxo