Monday, July 20, 2009

Cory and Shelby: Summer Interns

Meet our summer interns, Cory and Shelby! They both have become an important part of our team here this summer, and I have really enjoyed having them around! Cory moved here from Indiana to intern with us. She has been working hard trying to absorb as much knowledge and experience as she can so that she can take her photography to the next level. She is going to light years ahead of her classmates in Indiana by the time the summer is over, and I am so excited to see how her career progreses! She is a very hard worker and will make a very fine photographer :) Thought we would share a few photos from a fun shoot I did with them over the past few weeks! We had a BLAST doing these photos, they are soo funny!

Introducing Cory... (who has the funniest faces EVER.. haha)

A little about Cory:

- Firstly, I'm from Indiana; but Nashville has been great this summer.
- I'm a sophomore studio art: photography major at Indiana University.
- Working for Rolling Stone or Spin Magazine is my dream job.
- I love penguins and the color teal.
- I was photo editor of the yearbook 4/5 of my high school career.
- I work for the newspaper at IU.
- I love to read and to watch musicals.
- My favorite thing to photograph is people and events (concerts in particular).
- Music fascinates me constantly.
- I love to travel and hope to study abroad in London.

one of my favorite quotes:
"When you are younger, the camera is like a friend and you can go places and feel like you're with someone, like you have a companion." - Annie Leibovitz

SO true. :)

And now on to Shelby... We usually have all college students as interns, but Shelby is actually still in high school at Blackman High.. Thus earning the title of youngest intern we have ever had! Talk about getting a head start, she is also going to be light years ahead of her photographer friends. Her dad Garrett is a friend of mine from Bethel World Outreach church. He runs all of the video and music production for them and might be one of the smartest people I have ever met. He catches on to anything quickly, and Shelby certainly inherited those qualities from him, it amazes me how quickly she catches on to new concepts and photoshop! Check her working the camera in the next few shots.... Ummm, love it!

A few fun facts about Shelby :)

-im a cheerleader, but i love to dance
-im an Alabama football fan, and i actually watch the games.
-i used to be a huge tomboy
-i text way too much
-i sing all the time with or without music (ask Krista)
-i love all veggies except cauliflower and carrots
-im definately a peacemaker but not a treehugger
-i hate country music, love rap, and was raised on the oldies
-im a fast food junky
-i always try to help people when they're going through something tough, im a great listener (:

Cory and Shelby, I love ya'll, you have been so much fun to have around!!!!

Hugs, Krista

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Cory Harbour said...

:D this was fun! Thanks Krista