Monday, November 9, 2009

Chrissy and Eric's Riverwood Wedding!

I had SO much fun photographing Chrissy and Eric's wedding on September 25th. They had a beautiful day at Riverwood Mansion in East Nashville and their entire crew were all so much fun! Many of their friends and family traveled from New Jersey to be at this wedding and they were a blast. There are so many great moments from this day that I had a hard time choosing for the blog. There are also a few PG-13 rated shots from the groomsmen (LOL) that you have to see to believe (check the proofing site). Hope you love the previews Chrissy and Eric, I was so honored to share your big day with you! -Krista

Update:  I just received the sweetest email from Chrissy, it makes me so happy when people love their photos!!!

"All I have to say is I am in tears!  What an amazing gift to give to someone! They are so AMAZING!!!!! I just am with out words, and if you were here in front of me I would give you the biggest hug ever! They truly are so beautiful and more than I ever expected! I am not one who is usually at a loss for words and I am now.... It just took me back to that day and even getting to see things I didn't was amazing! I just can't thank you enough! My phone has been flooded over the past few days with phone calls asking me for the password and what not and I had no idea what they were talking about, but I asked them all to be patient, and boy did I get flooded with calls tonight as well as text messages with what an amazing job you all did! So for someone who didn't have a lot of words, there's a lot! LOL!  Anyway, again we can not thank you enough and we do love them so much!"  

You are SO so welcome Chrissy!  I am so glad you love them :)  Hugs, Krista

Eric and Chrissy about to see each other for the first time...

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