Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Matt and Candice's Previews...

This couple may be my new favorite shoot of the month!  Matt and Candice are the cutest couple... We had SO much fun shooting their engagement photos downtown Nashville.  I believe their exact words to me before the shoot were "We are up for WHATEVER you want to do.."  Yessssssssss!  I love it when people say that :) :)  Although I do usually ask a little further, and it turns out that they love music, love the downtown scene and wanted some artsy/urban looks.  I have had my eye on a few locations I haven't ever shot before (green wall.. love it) and so I decided they would be the perfect couple for these locations.  They brought really fun and unique wardrobe choices and totally rocked it out during the shoot.  Candice and Matt, I hope you love your previews!  I had SO much fun shooting this for you, and I can't wait for your wedding!  -Krista

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Matt Graves said...

Hey Krista!

Thank you so much again for your hard work!
We had such a great time working with you, and are looking forward to you shooting the wedding!
Candice and I are still going through all the pics, and they are SO AWESOME!
We are very excited to share them with friends and family!

You rock.


Matt & Candice