Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jessie and Brian's Amazing Cedarwood Wedding..

There were SO many great photos from Jessie and Brian's wedding that I just could NOT narrow it down to a few for the blog!  I think I have decided that from now on I am going to do a slide show for every wedding, as a few previews just simply do not do any day justice!!! :)  Jessie and Brian, I truly loved sharing your day with you!  You both were so much fun and we couldn't have asked for a prettier/more perfect day.  And to the folks at Cedarwood, AMAZING job as always!  You never cease to amaze me!  Enjoy the slide show ya'll ;)

Jessie just sent me the sweetest email..  "Krista - The photos are absolutely stunning!!! Thank you so much!!!!! You totally blew us away - thank you for making us look so photogenic!  Everything is what we dreamed it would be -- the lighting, shots, perspectives, everything is incredible. Everyone is so excited -- but not as much as us!!  Thank you!!!"   So glad you loved them Jessie!!! 

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Historic Cedarwood said...

Wonderful, wonderful work, Krista Lee!!! You are supremely talented and we think this is your finest shoot at Cedarwood! Jessie and Brian are fortunate to have such an vast selection of incredible photos from their fabulous wedding. They are such a special couple and this day was special for us, too! These images are WHY you are one of Cedarwood's preferred photographers.