Monday, February 22, 2010

Cooper and Wyatt's Big Day

This was my first time shooting the Young family and meeting little Cooper and Wyatt!  They were referred to me by my good clients Katie and Aias DeSouza (thanks ya'll!)  Not only were the kids beautiful, their house was amazingly photogenic.  Lauren is a graphic designer and had decorated the home with the CUTEST colors and accessories.  I loved loved loved every last inch of that house, I could spend days shooting there!  Not only was the house adorable, Wyatt and Cooper were the sweetest little guys and we had a great time taking pictures.  Wyatt loved being played with and spun around, and while Cooper was a little more shy we still were able to get some amazing shots of him.  Enjoy the previews!!!  -Krista

Doesn't he look like he's flexing his little guns in this next one?!  HA!

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