Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tiffany is a local gal who came to see me on Saturday for some updated shots and for some possible acting headshots. She is actually a policewoman here in Metro and is thinking about getting into some acting in her spare time!  Kelly did an amazing job on her hair and makeup (thanks Kelly!) and we started with some straightforward headshots of Tiffany, then decided to throw in some outdoor shots just to mix it up a bit. As we were walking outside, I noticed a retro Mustang sitting in the parking lot that I had not seen before... Thought to myself "surely that's not her car?" but curiousity was just killing me so I asked, "that doesn't happen to be your AMAZING car, does it?" So glad I asked, turns out her dad bought it for her for her high school graduation (jealous!! haha :) ). We weren't really planning on doing any shots with it but I talked her into it (I mean, how can I pass that up?) and I am in LOVE with all of the shots with the car! So freakin cool!

Anyway, I was apparently so excited about the car that I conveniently walked out of the studio without my keys and proceeded to lock both of us right out of the studio. UGH! SO, Tiffany, it was great working with you and thank you for being such a great sport about a) the car and b) me locking you out!!! You really were a trooper (no pun intended haha.. yeah I'm lame)  Hope you love your previews!

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Rachel said...

Awesome pics! The heels and the car and the one inside the car rock!!