Monday, August 9, 2010

Loveless Cafe Wedding: Nicki and Chris's Photo Previews!

Previews from Nicki and Chris's big day at Loveless Barn here in Nashville!  First of all, let me just say what an amazing venue it is... Tennessee country charm at it's finest, complete with down home cooking and southern hospitality.  Love it!  Nicki and Chris are avid readers and wanted to incorporate their hobbies into the decor of the reception.  Check out those ADORABLE ribbon wrapped books, and the cowboy boots on all of the girls!  AH!  Nicki, Chris, family and crew, I LOVED spending the day with you all!  I hope you love your previews!  ~ Krista


Anonymous said...

Krista~I love the preview but it really leaves me wanting more!!! I knew these would be great because the engagement session was so perfect! You did not disappoint!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much, Krista! You are truly an amazing artist and I can't thank you enough for capturing our wedding. I haven't even seen all of them and I already feel like you have told our story. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Pictures look great! The only problem is that they have left me wanting more. I knew they would be great because the engagement photos were perfect!

-Susan Belsante

tarynlee said...

Love these! Thanks for being such a great photographer-- it was definitely my best experience as a bridesmaid. :0) Nicki-- you are just as gorgeous in the pics as you were in person, which I didn't think was possible. Great job Krista!

Anonymous said...

Well if yall ever start a band you'll have your album covers taken care of! Amazing pictures, and congrats to both of you!


Michelle said...

Wow, these photos are beautiful! Such great memories :)

Anonymous said...

You are incredible.

Great location.

Stunning images.

You just keep getting better and better. Can't help but look up to you. :)

Brooke K.