Friday, July 20, 2012

Spence Fam! Nashville Photographer

Many of you may recognize this family.. Rachel is our amazing assistant, who does all of the scheduling for the studio!  She brought the crew to Carnton to do some family photos while everyone is still out of school for the summer... I LOVED the "It wasn't me!!!" shirts she brought for everyone... How funny is that?  Her kids are so well behaved, Amy and I are always in awe of how well they listen.  Because a group this size is usually nearly impossible to get coordinated, but they make it so easy.  Alaina Claire cracked me up at the end of the shoot.  She was DONE.  So done that she didn't want to be in the photos at all... and stood off to the side with her feet planted, her arms crossed, and her big lower lip stuck out.  I pulled my wide angle lens out and made sure to include her in the corner of the photo, it really added some humor to the already hysterical photo... haha!!!  Love it.  It was great seeing you all!!! Hope you like the previews :) :)   ~Krista

 Okay, this one didn't work out so well... LOL apparently a little too bright out even in the shade.

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Kim said...

Oh. Em. Gee! LOVE them!!! AC over to herself is classic!! Great job!