Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Beau and Keely : Nashville and Murfreesboro Photographer

This family drove hours to come in for their session (so flattered)... I have been working with Sarah for years now and I was so excited to meet her baby boy!  Since they were making the long haul down, they decided to throw a few things into a 2 hour shoot.  Beau's 6 month photos, cousin Keely's photos, a few Xmas photos and a couple of headshots for Sarah.  We had a great shoot and both kiddos were SO incredibly sweet and so good for us!  I just love the shot of the 2 of them with the Christmas lights, and can you believe how adorable little Beau's baby face is?  I just love it.  Keely also was a perfect little model and I love her gorgeous blue eyes.  It was SO good seeing you all, have a great Thanksgiving!  :) Krista

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