Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scheetz Family! Nashville & Murfreesboro, TN Photographer

Sometimes you all make me feel so old. I photographed this couple's wedding YEARS ago and now they have two adorable kiddos. I just cannot BELIEVE enough time has passed that this is even possible! LOL! Seems like just yesterday we were at Spring Haven spending their wedding day with them. {sigh} Either way, one thing is for sure... the Scheetz family is perfectly adorable and photogenic. I just loved meeting sweet baby Bennett, he is the most handsome little guy! And Braxton kept me laughing with all of his superhero poses... LOVE it. It was great seeing you all, see you soon!!! Hugs, Krista

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Anonymous said...

Well I have to say , the most beautiful family and they are my granddaughter,grandson in law and two great grandsons , what beautiful pictures Krista for a beautiful family