Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maggie and Fea : Nashville and Murfreesboro Photographer

I looked forward to this shoot for weeks.  Yes, weeks.  I don't normally photograph pets but Maggie called and asked if she could bring her English Bulldog, Fea (spanish for "ugly", lol)  I just LOVE animals and of course I told her to bring her!  These two were so cute together.  Maggie said she's never liked photos of herself, so I am hoping she loves these... because I think she's super photogenic!  It was great meeting you all, hope you love your sneak peek!  :)


Carolyn Atkinson said...

This is my daughter and my granddog. I think these are the most beautiful pictures of Maggie I have ever seen (and I have had MANY pictures taken of her). Thank you SO much.

Carolyn Atkinson said...

These are the most beautiful pictures of Maggie (my daughter) I have ever seen Thank you SO much for your beautiful work