Thursday, March 7, 2013

Logan + Lilly's Sneak Peek : Nashville and Murfreesboro Photographer

I just adore this family.  I photographed Logan and Lilly's parents' wedding years ago, and I am always excited to see them!  Little Logan is the newest addition to the family and is the cutest little dude. His mom brought the best outfits....  How awesome is that Rolling Stone shirt and the bow tie/suspenders?  We had a ton of smiling photos from both of them, but some of my favorites from this shoot are the goofy candids we got of Lilly.  She's such a little ham and she cracks me up!  Love it.  It was great seeing you all, hope you love your preview!


aDw said...

So sweet! Krista-you are amazing as usual!

Shirley Williams said...

Lilly and Logan look adorable! Great shots of them!