Thursday, April 11, 2013

Facebook Contest Winners : Jessi Hammond : Early Morning Pancake Shoot!

Jessi Hammond and her family were lucky enough to win our Facebook contest for a free photo shoot!  We did a lifestyle shoot at their home here in Murfreesboro, early morning last Friday.  Jessi and her husband spend many mornings cooking pancakes for their boys.  It's a fun time for the entire family... and the boys really have a blast cooking and helping with the meal.  Jessi thought it would be a special moment to capture on film, as it really is a sweet memory they want to remember.

We had a great shoot, and I loved how sweet the boys were and how everyone had such a great time making these pancakes.  This type of session is such a great way to capture important family memories!  Most of our sessions are in-studio but this type of shoot is available at an additional charge.

Hope you love them!!!  I had a great time meeting your family, Jessi!  :)


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