Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kristy + Jim : Cedarwood Wedding / Nashville Wedding Photographer

I am so lucky to have such amazing couples this year.  Kristy and Jim came in for their final meeting and absolutely cracked me up.  Kristy kept repeating... I don't really care if we have many photos at all.  I just want a few good ones, that's it!  You don't have to take many at all.... LOL!  Talk about making my job laid back and easy.

Regardless of what visions you have for your wedding, I can't just stand there and not take photos haha... So we did our best to be super unobtrusive and laid back, while still getting some amazing photos of them on their big day.

Kristy and Jim are both so perfect for each other, their ceremony was sweet and heartfelt and their day just amazing. I think everyone enjoyed themselves... and the fun upbeat vibe of the whole event was felt by all.  Cedarwood did an awesome job as always, and the day was seamless.  I loved the flowers hung from the tree they were married under, and the vintage car was a beautiful end to the night!

Kristy and Jim, it was so fun spending the day with you all!  I hope you love your preview!!!  More soon :) :)


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