Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Roxie 6 Months! Nashville, Murfreesboro Family Photographer

I can't believe how big Ms. Roxie is getting. She can't possibly be SIX months already!!! Roxie isn't *quite* sitting up on her own yet but she was such a trooper and did so good at her shoot! The day we were going to shoot got sabotaged by a pop up thunderstorm, so we regrouped and headed to the studio. Regardless of the weather, we had a great shoot and got a lot of cute shots! Big brother Dex is moving at the speed of light these days (LOL!) so getting him to slow down long enough to take a pic was work haha! But I love the shot of him and baby sister. So sweet. It was great seeing you all, hopefully this next time we can actually do an outside shoot!!! Hope you like the preview, she's such a doll!!! Krista

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