Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Emily Craig : Senior Session / Nashville and Murfreesboro Photographer

I was so flattered that Emily and her mom drove a few hours (from Alabama!) to come shoot with me on Friday for her senior photos!

Emily is SO beautiful. Seriously.

 In many magazines, you hear that folks are photoshopped to death.... to make them pretty and perfect in the photos. Let me just say for the record, these are not photoshopped. This girl is so beautiful in person, that I couldn't make these photos prettier in photoshop if I tried. LOL!

We had a great session and I really think she needs to pursue modeling :) :) Emily, it was so great seeing you! I hope you love your preview!!! :) Krista

 PS I included a few of her before she was ready, with her hair up... How cute are those getting ready photos?

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