Wednesday, November 20, 2013

CRAZY season.

Hey everyone!  Well, we have officially entered CRAZY season.  Everyone and their brother, second cousin, and dog are trying to book sessions right now. While we are trying to fit everyone in before the holidays, AND get everyone's photos out to them asap... There's only so much time in the day.  I am busy trying to get all of our weddings out to all of my gorgeous brides, and Esther is working her tail off trying to get all of your holiday and family sessions out and all of your product orders placed.  Our list over here is just ridiculous.  So bear with us, we are working just as fast as we can!

With that being said... As we always do this time of the year, blog postings aren't going to be quite as lengthy ....but we will still be doing them!  Here are previews from the last few days.  We had some AMAZING sessions, and as always it is so good to see you all!  I just love seeing all of our regulars this time of the year.  We have some of the most adorable and beautiful clients on the planet!


Centennial Mini Sessions!! SO many adorable kiddos and families....

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