Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alex, 1 Year!

I cannot BELIEVE this little dude is ONE already??!! Where has the time gone! Alex is one of our absolute favorite little clients. Not only are his parents awesome, he just makes our job so easy by smiling and posing like a pro for every. single. session. He really could be a baby model, no joke.

 I loved all of the outfits/props that his parents brought! His mom did a shot for his newborn photos with a mixing bowl, so she wanted to duplicate those for his one year to show how much he had grown. I've never seen a one year old cooperate so well, he held the spoons, smiled and just was perfect!

 Since we have done so much of Alex inside the studio, we decided to mix it up a bit and go to a local park for a few outdoor shots.

 It was great seeing you all, I am going to miss seeing little man every 3 months!

 Ttys :)
~ Krista

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