Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sauber Family Photos : Centennial Park Family Photo Shoot

I was so excited to hear from Elise Sauber a few weeks ago.  I had photographed her beautiful Cedarwood wedding years ago!  It's always great to hear from prior clients.  Elise said that they would have family back in town from Afghanistan and wanted to get photos while everyone was here.  We met up at Centennial park here in Nashville.  Although it was a crazy busy day there, we managed to mostly avoid the crowds and got some great photos!  Adele wasn't my biggest fan (LOL) and proved to be a tough cookie to get to smile (which thankfully doesn't happen much to me)... But at least we got her to sit still for some of the photos, which at her age is an accomplishment in itself haha!

It was GREAT seeing you all, hope you love the preview!


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