Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kortni + Logan / Engagement Preview

Kortni is one of our favorite people and we are soooooooooo excited that she chose us to photograph her wedding!!!!  She is one of the head planners over at Historic Cedarwood here in Nashville, and we always love seeing her smiling face!

Kortni is a natural model, she's gorgeous and has this amazing megawatt smile that we LOVE.  She's so cute!!!  We got to meet Logan for the first time at their engagements, and think he's the perfect match for her.  He's genuine, down to earth, and very laid back.  He, like my husband, is not really a fan of photo shoots (HAHA) but he was such a great sport and put up with us taking a million photos!

I had this great idea that we would go somewhere we had never gone before... To give Kortni super-unique photos that no one else would have.  We decided to meet up at Burgess Falls, a gorgeous waterfall about 1.5 hours out of Nashville.  It was a picture perfect day and I knew we would have a great session!  The falls were beautiful and the river going down to the falls gave us tons of photo ops. We were about 30 minutes into the shoot when I started to realize that the hike was much more treacherous that I imagined it would be.  Poor Kortni was in for a little more than I think she bargained for, especially in her cute outfits and heels/boots (luckily, she brought flats as well!)...  We ended up spending almost 3 hours at the park, much of which was hiking up and down very steep hills. We arrived at what we *thought* was the bottom of the falls (as I was dying to get a shot of them sitting on the banks with the enormous waterfall behind them) when we realized we still were not at the bottom, and to get further down would require some serious rock climbing skills.  Needless to say, we didn't continue (as I was a little worried about our rock climbing abilities).  Kortni, Logan, and their sweet puppy Bella were great sports... and still rocked the entire shoot without having a meltdown.  In hindsight, I feel a little guilty that we put them through this mission impossible!  I really thought it would be an amazing location (which it was... but... too much hiking)  But we do have some amazing photos to show for it, and a story we can tell for a long time to come haha...

All of that being said, I know this will probably be the hardest photo shoot they ever endure.  Their wedding at Cedarwood is going to be amazing and super laid back, and will not require rock climbing skills or 3 hour hikes! LMAO

Kortni and Logan, it was so great spending the afternoon with you two!  We love you and cannot wait for your wedding!!! xoxoxo

Hope you love your sneak peek :) :)

Logan... I'm sorry for this one!  HA!!!  It's the corniest photo and I totally stole the idea off pinterest.  But it just cracks me up.  Yes, I'm lame.

And lastly, a few outtakes for you...

How "strenuous" could it possibly be?  Our first clue we were in for a little more than we bargained for ....

 Me attempting to jump down into the river to get a few cool angles...  Thanks Esther for the shot of my rear end haha
Esther in the "cage"... The hike down was over a high cliff and this cage was the only thing separating us from certain death.  Yeah...  Poor Kortni and Logan!

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Linda Wright said...

Amazing work Krista! We love Kortni and Logan, and can't wait for you to shoot their Cedarwood weddings.