Monday, June 16, 2014

Felicia's Photo Preview; Quick re-shoot / The Block Agency Nashville TN

I have been working with Felicia for a few years now and always love seeing her!  She needed to update her photos for the Block Agency, whom she is represented by.  She came in a couple of months ago, and while I loved her images... I just felt like we could do a little more... And that we didn't exactly capture the look I was going for with her.  She has such long gorgeous legs (and for a model, she needs to show those babies off! Ha!) and the last outfits didn't really do her justice.  So, we did a quick reshoot on Friday with 2 new outfits to show off her figure a little more.  I am in LOVE with how these turned out, SO much better than last time!

Great seeing you all, hope you like 'em!!!

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