Friday, June 6, 2014

Roxie + Dex : Franklin, TN Photography session

We just love this family!  Not only have they been clients for a long time, they always bring the CUTEST outfits!  Not to mention, they're incredibly photogenic ;-)

Roxie is getting SO big.  I just adore her strawberry blond curls with those amazing blue eyes, isn't she beautiful??  Dex was such a great sport this time, and for once... I was able to get this kid to pay attention to me, lol!  Usually he's a busy body... And isn't really interested in what us boring grown-ups are doing.  But I pulled out all of the crazy this week... and actually got him to smile.  Whew!

We have a few more photos from this session that I am not going to publish yet... You'll see why soon :) :)

Great seeing you all, as always!!!  ~Krista

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