Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rylan & Macklen!

We always love seeing the Baskin family! Reen wanted to combine a few things into this session, as Mr. Macklen is turning 2, Miss Rylan is 3 months, and we also wanted to try to get a few group shots with their cousin, Camden. We had a great session! Rylan is SO SO sweet, she's such an easy baby to photograph. She was cracking me up, she "danced" through the first part of our shoot. She kept kicking her little feet and waving her arms around... So sweet lol. Macklen is getting into the phase where he just likes to be silly, and doesn't want to sit still haha... So he gave us a run for the money but we still managed to get some cute shots of him!

 Great seeing you all, as always!!


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