Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Morgan : Sneak Peek

Morgan's mom and I go waaaaaaaaaaayyy back.  Like, really.  Way back. ;-)  To when I first had moved to Nashville, and was starting up in photography.  Steph's sister owned a talent agency that I did some work for, and Stephanie was working doing hair and makeup.  We started hiring her to do hair and makeup at the studio, and I have known her ever since!  Fast forward a few years, I photographed her GORGEOUS wedding at Schemmerhorn Symphony... And now, a few years later... Steph and Chris have this adorable baby girl!  Morgan is just like her parents.  Laid back, sweet, and happy!  She smiled for the entire shoot and made my job super easy :)  Isn't she adorable?

It was great seeing you all, as always!  She's such a doll!!!


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