Friday, August 15, 2014

Simmons Family Preview : Nashville and Franklin Photography

This was the Simmons' first time into see me.  Susan wanted to capture a few of all 3 of them together, then a few of just the girls.  She warned me in advance that it may be quite a challenge to get them to cooperate, lol!

We had a great shoot.  Little sweet Morgan wasn't too sure about me though, and wanted to hide on mom's shoulder for the majority of the shoot.  Ashley and I hit it off right away, and although she can me a little silly at times (love it), she was great for the shoot and tried to listen.

All in all, I think we were able to capture some amazing images!  I am just in love with the ones of the girls walking, holding hands.  Those are the sweetest!  And even the ones of little Morgan hiding on mom's shoulder turned out cute... She's just precious no matter what she does.

Great meeting you all, hope you like the preview!  :)

 I have to say, mom was really a trooper for the shoot.  Some of these images just made me laugh out loud.  They poked her in the eyes, mouth, pulled her hair... hahaha

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