Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Scheetz Family / Photo Session, Franklin TN

I just love seeing the Scheetz's! They have been clients for a long time now... and I almost feel like part of their family (as I've watched them get married, and watched their 2 sweet kiddos grow up over the past 5 years!) What I love most about seeing them, is they understand and embrace their kid's personalities at every age.  Amber always is adamant about including items that are important to the boys at each stage, and just letting them be themselves.  Bennett for the first time EVER was not a big fan of taking photos this time.  He really just wanted to do his own thing, haha!  So we had to kinda go with the flow for his individual photos (which included him playing on the cyc wall at the studio... not part of the plan haha!)  We were still able to get some great photos and had a fun shoot.

Great seeing you all, as always!

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