Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Headshot photos are one of those things most people dread doing (like the dentist, the gym, the DMV, etc.) but as a professional in 2015, headshots and publicity photos are necessary. Most people arrive at the studio ready to grin and bear it and are totally surprised that the experience is pleasant, entertaining and even fun!! 

We loved meeting New York Times best selling author J.T. Ellison (jtellison.com), who came in recently for publicity headshots to promote her work and her new book, due in March. She's a Renaissance woman who somehow manages to write novels, co-host A War of Words on NPT and write a blog reviewing wine (hewinevixen.com)

J.T. relaxed in the first few frames and we had the best shoot! She's funny and captivating and we got some beautiful shots. It's inspirational to be around people who are having a good time. (This is always true, even out of the studio!) 

Thanks, J.T. for stopping by and make our last studio day of 2015 so much fun!

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