Friday, December 4, 2009

Veronica Leigh's Unbelievable Shoot..

Not only is Veronica Leigh an amazing singer/songwriter but I tell ya, she also is a brave brave girl! We scouted her shoot in the rain in the wee hours of the morning out at a beautiful farm in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee. We were about 3 minutes from the car when it started pouring rain (we had no umbrellas)... She looked at me and said, do you mind rain? I said, "Nope!" and off we went continuing to scout the location, sopping wet from the downpour. Fast forward to her shoot a few weeks later, where we started shooting VERY early on a chilly morning. Veronica had this idea that she wanted to climb into this trough of water wearing a vintage swimsuit and NOTHING else. Now, this particular "trough" of water had obviously been sitting there for years, with all kinds of sludge and who knows what in the bottom. I wouldn't have stepped foot in there for a hundred dollars. Despite everyone involved trying to talk her out of this shot (which we were sure was going to end in disaster.. snakes.. critters.. who knows what was in there!) V jumped her happy self right into the middle of this thing on this freezing cold morning. Unbelievable! But it was definitely worth it, we were able to get some amazing shots that I can guarantee won't be copied any time soon! Lol! Veronica, it was SOOOO much fun working with you as always! You rocked it out! And for the rest of you reading this site, be sure to check out her amazing music at:

And now... Some previews from the shoot:

Oh, and PS ... I did forget to mention... This "trough" of water was later renamed to the "casket" of water.. Eww! Haha...

Love this one...

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