Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Rome Xavier...

Rome came in this week for his first photo shoot ever, and proved to all of us that he is going to be the next baby supermodel (haha!)  Katie and Keven welcomed Rome into the world last Thursday and he is just the sweetest little guy.... He made the funniest faces and expressions throughout the entire shoot, he was CRACKING me up.  There are so many cute ones I am uploading the rest of my faves to our event site as they won't all fit here on the blog... Check 'em out!   Katie and Keven, hope you love the photos, and congrats on your new addition!! 

Rome with Katie and Keven's childhood stuffed animals.... Adorable.

Look at him.. He is going to be such a ladies man.. .LOVE how he's working the camera!  HA!
5 bucks to whoever comes up with the best quote for the following shot:

And this is what he thought of us by the end of the shoot.... Classic.

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Lauren said...

Hmm....that last shot reminds me of a certain someone doing that exact same move to the loan amoritization schedule at her closing..

Hahahaha!!!!! :) LOVE IT!