Monday, June 14, 2010

Brooke and Wade's Vanderbilt Engagement Previews!

How absolutely adorable is this couple?  They were referred to me by my awesome clients Jessie and Brian Strike and I had so much fun with them at this shoot.  Brooke and Wade met at freshman orientation at Vanderbilt, and have been together ever since.  Their mutual love is SO apparent when you meet them, I mean they just ooze admiration for each other!  Since Vandy campus has been such a big part of their relationship, they wanted to shoot their engagements there.  We wandered all over campus and got some amazing shots of the two of them :)  Brooke and Wade, it was great meeting you!  I can't wait for your big day and I hope you love your previews!  ~Krista

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Matt said...

Great job! I like the one of Brooke blowing a kiss to Wade because of his face.