Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lotsa updates...

Hey all!  Sorry I have been slow on the blog posts lately.. We have been SWAMPED and I have had quite a bit of personal stuff going on {more on that very soon .. don't worry it's good "stuff"... :) :)  } so the 'ol blog tends to get the shaft sometimes :)  Thought I would post some previews from some of my favorite shoots over the past few weeks!

A collage from the DeSouza twins shoot... Here's little Ethan workin' it (AFTER he ate his cake his mom brought for the shoot! Ha!)

 And the beautiful Ms. Brooke... She was AMAZING to photograph...

A bunch of our latest headshot sessions... I had SO much fun with you all!

Zachary Mitchell, his first shoot with me :) :)

Noah's little brother Finn for his first in studio shoot (umm, how adorable are those names??!)

And last but not least... Our supermodel Braxton... Always a star in front of the camera!  Ha!

It was great seeing you all this month!  I am off to pack for shoots tomorrow and to catch some zzzz's.  Tomorrow's lineup includes shooting a race car driver in the morning, the CMT Awards Red Carpet late afternoon and then the late night CMT Awards after parties :) It is going to be a loooong day!  :)  Krista

Oh, and by the way, how does everyone like the new look of the blog?  Katie Lane over at Lemon Cherry Blogs did an AMAZING job!!  Thanks Katie!!!

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