Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jacob and Eli's photo shoot

Jacob and Eli came in for some updated photos... If these 2 look familiar, it's because their mom has been one of my best clients for YEARS now.  If you follow the blog or have been in recently, you'll also know that their mom is Rachel, who now works with us (and does an AMAZING job) answering your phone calls and doing the scheduling! 

Little Eli is never quite sure what to think of me (kids can sense craziness I guess.. haha) but we managed to get some great shots of him despite his suspicions of me.  And Jacob is always hilarious in front of the camera, so he made my job easy as usual.  LOVE the shot of 'lil Eli in his overalls, and Jacob's dragon outfit cracked me up!  Hope you love the previews!  ~Krista


Kim said...

love them!!!

Rach said...

Ahhh they are SO good!!! Not that I ever expect anything less of course. :) LOVE the crazy Jacob faces and we DID get some good ones of Eli despite his protest of the studio. haha!