Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mary's 1 year baby photos

Little Mary is ONE!  I can't believe it, time flies... I just am absolutely completely in love with this cutie pie, she is the SWEETEST baby in the entire world.  She has been cast bound from her hips down for months, the doctors trying to fix a slight spinal defect that she had.  She recently got out of her cast and came in for pictures.  Mom brought the cutest outfits and we had so much fun.  They are the 2nd client of mine who will be moving to Tampa in the next month and I am so sad they are moving!  I had to do a photo with little Mary just in case I don't get to see her for a while (see the last pic).... Kathleen and Mary, it was so good to see you all!  Sorry it took me a couple of weeks to get these up....  Have a safe move and don't forget about us here in Nashville!  :)  Krista

I'm gonna miss this little one!!!

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