Friday, July 30, 2010

Berkley... The most adorable newborn. ever.  How much do you LOVE that guitar case??? !

The T-Shirt Models for Corbette Jackson's new website!  His site is currently under construction, but look for his band and new T-shirts around town very soon!

Just for fun... Group shot!

This next couple wins the award for this week's toughest couple... Jessica and Eli tried to shoot their engagement photos several weeks ago at Centennial Park here in Nashville.  When we arrived it was bright and sunny, but a black cloud suddenly appeared (no joke) and within 5 minutes it was POURING rain outside!  We had to reschedule, but the next session was scheduled just in time for poor Jessica to injure her back.  It was injured so badly that she had to have emergency back surgery and we had to reschedule yet again... FINALLY we rescheduled for last week.. .And they were blessed with very hot but sunny weather and their session went off without a hitch.  About time, huh!?  LOL!  And she doesn't even look like she had back surgery in the photos... Jessica and Eli, you officially are the toughest couple of the week!

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