Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sylvia's Maternity Photo Shoot!

Sylvia is one of my favorite clients.  She is beautiful, funny, and awesome in front of the camera.  I had the honor of shooting her wedding a couple of years ago and when I got the call that she was expecting and wanted some maternity photos, I just knew we would get some AMAZING shots :)  She brought in a magazine cover that she loved and we attempted to re-create the shot, plus threw in some other angles and backgrounds.  Isn't she stunning?  Sylvia, hope you LOVE your previews!  See the rest of Sylvia's shots HERE   Hugs, Krista  :) :)

P.S.  I am so so so sad you and Brice are moving!  I hope we find a way to still get together and shoot when you are back in town...

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Lora said...

Those little shoes are so cute! I love them!!