Tuesday, August 3, 2010

V's new puppy

A few previews from my friend Veronica's new puppy (okay, well technically it is her boyfriends puppy.. but I saw this little guy on her facebook and just knew I HAD to take pictures of him!)  I had all of these awesome ideas when they walked in, but kinda forgot, well... I am dealing with a PUPPY.  Yeah.  He is soooo cute but soooo fast... it was hard for me to keep up!  Now I see why most puppy photographers shoot them at a younger age... LOL.  He was a great sport though and let us put him in all kinds of crazy spots and we got some really cute shots of him.  Veronica and Kirt, it was great to see you all!  Hope you love your previews!  :)  -Krista

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Katie P said...

Oh, the scale pic is just precious!