Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Wheelers Previews!

A few previews from one of my best friend's shoots... Kimberly brought her kiddos in for some updated shots this week and we got some HILARIOUS shots as always.  Her kids (Hudson, Carson, Lawson and Emsley) could be on a comedy tour, they are SO funny!  I am on a collage kick lately (just seems so much more fitting to see ALL of their faces, one photo just doesn't do justice sometimes)... Hope you love your previews!  -Krista

P.S. Kimberly is also an AMAZING artist and blogger ... Check out her shop and blog HERE  :)


Kim said...! I'm cracking up!!!! I love them. You never disappoint.

Rach said...

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! To only have been a fly on the wall during the funny pic. LOL!

chesley said...

sooo stinkin cute!! love the ones with Kim in them :-)!!

Anonymous said...

Love them! Can't believe all the kids actually got on the chairs at the same time. Ha ha ha.

New red bg? Yay!