Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Austin : No charge shoot : Nashville and Murfreesboro Photographer

Every once in a while... We'll have a shoot where we just don't get any usable shots from the session. This is VERY very rare, but sometimes your baby just is NOT in the mood and does not want their photos taken. Poor little Austin came in for his first shoot with us and just was not having it. No matter what we did he would not smile, would not even attempt to look happy and cried for most of the shoot... LOL. I know how important it is to get great shots with the rates we charge... so we did the best we could, then just decided to reschedule to a different day. If we don't get usable shots from your session, I don't charge you. It's not really written policy anywhere, but I just believe that is what I would want if I had the misfortune of my baby crying through the shootl! Anyway, we are working on getting little Austin rescheduled to a new day and time where he'll hopefully be in a better mood... And in the meantime, this is the ONLY shot we got of him smiling LOL!!! Enjoy!

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