Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby Colin : Nashville and Murfreesboro Special Needs / Downs Syndrome Photographer

I was so honored to get to meet this family.  Colin's mom has taken him to many, many photographers over the past 18 months of his life and has not been satisfied with any of the photo sessions that they have had.  They have had problems with posing, lighting, colors, etc. etc... the list goes on and on.  Colin has Down's Syndrome and because of it, doesn't respond the exact same way as other kiddos might.  He also is extremely sensitive to outdoor temperatures, necessitating an indoor shoot.  It's been really hard for his mom to find a modern photographer who will do indoor lighting.  I was so excited that she was willing to give me a try after all of the problems she's had!

We had a great shoot.  Colin is SO SO sweet.  All of his older siblings are also so loving and caring with him, it was so adorable to watch how they take care of him.  Gretchen really had her heart set on a few group shots of the kids (which, with 4 involved can sometimes be VERY challenging to get them all to cooperate, even when there are no special needs in the group!) and a few of Colin smiling.

I am so excited to say, not only did we shoot every last one of these in studio, we also got a million of everyone smiling!

Gretchen and kiddos, it was so great meeting you all!  I hope you love your previews!!!  Krista


Anonymous said...


We will be back in the spring. Thank you! Signed, Delighted Mommy (and Daddy!) of Four, including an Angel with Down Syndrome! :+)

Darcy said...

He has beautiful eyes!

Malinda B. said...

I babysit Colin on occasion and you captured his personality beautifully. All of the group shots are just precious!! Love love this sweet family!! Malinda B.