Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bennett's 6 Month Session

Mr. Bennett came to see me this week and he was the perfect little baby model, as always!  The Scheetz family always has the HAPPIEST babies on the face of this planet.  I really need to get their secrets, because their boys do nothing but smile.  Constantly.  I love it!  Bennett is such a big boy, he almost didn't fit on our scale, LOL!  At 6 months, that's pretty rare.  I just love all of the toys and "B" initial that his mom brought, how cute is the shot of him chewing on his little stuffed animal?  So precious.  He was also cracking me up with his "superman" flying shots... We were trying to get him to push up on his little arms, but he kept showing off how he could lift his arms and "fly" ... It was so funny!  It was great seeing you all, we'll see you in 3 months!  :)

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