Monday, March 22, 2010

Previews: Emilee and Kevin Ray

A few previews from this Friday's wedding!  They lucked out with the most gorgeous weather, it was 65 and sunny and absolutely beautiful.  Emilee and Kevin and their crew were the FUNNIEST crew and a lot of fun to work with (as you will most definitely see from the photos.)  It was great meeting you all.. Enjoy the previews!  More to come soon!  -Krista

The girls... How adorable are they!  And ummm.. LOVE that starry wall!

Emilee looking stunning...

The boys.. 


A great shot from Alex's angle!!

Emilee heading out for her photos...

Their private moment, first time seeing each other for the day :)

The entire crew... They were talented jumpers

And last but not least... The shot of the day... (HA!)

 I can't wait to finish processing the rest of your photos, there are soooo many good ones!!!  :) :)

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